BFBS TV Player

For mobile, laptop and connected TVs

While you’re away from home, BFBS TV Player means you can watch the TV that you love live or on demand to suit your time zone and location. So, with 40+ channels live and on-demand, you'll never have to miss a live match, your favourite movie or TV show again (and it's free!).

It’s easy to set up and our team are here to help if you need it.

Watch online

Person watching TV on their laptop.

The best of UK TV

You can stream from your mobile, tablet or laptop or connected TV devices (Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, Google TV and Roku).

You will just need your Defence Gateway login details and a good internet connection required.

Install the app

Download our BFBS TV Player App today and watch TV on your mobile, tablet or laptop, or on connected TV devices.

Download now

You can install the BFBS TV Player app right now to your mobile phone, tablet, computer or connected tv device.

All you need is your your defence gateway login or email and a good internet connection.

Don't worry, if you need help then our team are here to support you - just see our 'Help and support' section below!

Help and support

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For all technical queries, from help with the initial set up to any unforeseen breaks or interruptions to services, please call us in the UK on +44 20 3750 4567 or email our Service Desk here.

Lines are open Monday to Friday 06:00–20:00 UK time excluding public holidays.

You can check out a list of frequently asked questions on our Help and Support page.