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We are BFBS and we’re here to entertain, inform, connect and champion you, wherever you are in the world - bringing you a little piece of life back home while you’re serving your country overseas.

Get your favourite dramas, Premiership sport, soaps, music, news and much more on radio, TV and online as we bring entertainment to our UK Armed Forces worldwide.

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Digital artwork for the BFBS Radio All Request Party.

The All Request Party

We're having a royal weekend of music on BFBS Radio to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee - with four days of great tunes and all the gossip thrown in for good measure!

To help, we want your best anthems for our 'All Request Party' which is happening across the weekend. So... what song do you want us to play?

Digital artwork for the Skipping Challenge on BFBS.

Skip to win an iPad

How do you fancy winning a brand new iPad, just by skipping?

We want you to film yourself or someone else (consensually, of course) doing as many skips at once without stopping, then send that video to us!

Sound simple?

BFBS Highlights

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The latest entertainment

Welcome to the BFBS Shortlist where we give you all the information you need to know about the latest movies, must see TV, events, podcasts as well as what's happening on BFBS Radio!

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The latest community info

For the latest military community events, information and news – including new training courses, services and opportunities.

Audience Support

If you or someone you know struggles with mental health problems then please know that help is available, which is why we have pulled together a list of organisations that can offer support! 

More from BFBS

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Working for BFBS

We are a modern, vibrant and forward-focused organisation, with a rich heritage of entertaining and informing the armed forces, connecting them with loved ones when they’re far from home.

Fancy joining the team?

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Access news from around the world

Want to have access to over 7,000 newspapers and magazines wherever you are? With PressReader you can and, exclusive with BFBS, you can get enjoy a special discount too!

Man crowd surfing at a BFBS live event.

Producing live events around the world

With a little black book full of performers and the expertise to produce events anywhere around the world, BFBS Live Events creates award-winning entertainment for our armed forces.

BFBS Brunei Gurkha presenters, Soniya and Arati, completed their ‘8km Forced March’ with 10kg on their back raising £1377 for The Big Salute.

Supporting the military community

We provide much-needed funding to support military individuals, families and communities through a variety of initiatives.

Build a bright future for yourself with our BFBS Academy.

Building skills and inspiring confidence

With our BFBS Academy we can help you build an exciting future with high-calibre training in media production and digital communications. Want to get started?

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Get your message heard

Whether you want to help, inform, support or give something back to the forces community, we'll get your message to the right people!

How are we doing?

Fancy winning £200 of online shopping vouchers? Just tell us what you think of our TV and Radio services and, as a thank you, you'll be entered into our prize draw!

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