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A bespoke service

Whilst serving overseas, BFBS TV is a bespoke service which offers you the best of UK TV, and more, all in one place. From the latest movie premiers to premium live sport, major dramas to your favourite soaps and more, we have all the entertainment you will need.

We offer up to 16 core TV channels worldwide with a growing line-up of 40+ channels if you stream via the internet as well as Nepal TV that is available in the UK.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself connected!

Can I get BFBS TV where I am?

Wherever you are around the world, we'll do our best to get you a great selection of entertainment, accessible in a way that suits you. 

How to watch

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Watch on your TV

Up to 16 live channels are delivered via satellite to many forces locations overseas. A set top box and viewing card is available from BFBS, if not already installed.

For more information about what's available in your location or accommodation please contact our UK helpdesk on 0044 (0)203 750 4567 or email [email protected].

With BFBS you can watch TV overseas in your location or accommodation, just speak to our team to find out more.

Watch online

Watch the TV that you love live or on demand to suit your time zone and location. It’s easy to set up and our team are here to help if you need it.

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Watch in remote locations

We can reach remote locations and ships at sea to provide you with a variety of entertainment, media and more. This means you can enjoy access, either communally or on a personal device, with limited or no internet!

Help with watching TV

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For all technical queries, from help with the initial set up to any unforeseen breaks or interruptions to services, please call us in the UK on +44 20 3750 4567 or email our Service Desk here

Lines are open Monday to Friday 06:00–20:00 UK time excluding public holidays.

You can check out a list of frequently asked questions - from getting your hands on a box, to reactivating your card - on our Help and Support page.