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Social media training on your doorstep

This year our highly successful SMSpouses training programme is going on tour to six locations across the UK and RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus from the 15th of February to the 14th of September.

During each session you will be able to discuss any social media problems and our coaches will offer advice to develop a marketing plan for your business, build your personal brand or just feel more connected.

In addition, SMSpouses will be hosting two small group session for Fijian military spouses and partners in Larkhill and Catterick where, as well as the one-to-one sessions, you'll get to hear from key figures in the community.

Dates and Times

Partnering with the Military Co-working Network (MCN), which provides spaces for military partners to work, study and learn together, SMSpouses will be setting up sessions at the MCN co-working hubs on the following dates (just click on a location to find out more!):

14th September

0900 - 1700 UKT - Military Coworking Hub RAF Akrotiri - The Chaplaincy Centre, RAF Akrotiri, BFPO 57.

You need to book your 30 min coaching and training session by emailing them using the button below!

About Social Media Spouses

We understand that it can be difficult finding reliable work or build up professional skills, in between regular moves, deployments and childcare. Becoming a social media professional can help. Not only are social media skills very much in demand, the role is often one that allows you to work from anywhere.

Thanks to the generous support from The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, this course is free to all military spouses and partners.

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