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Listen to our BFBS radio stations around the world or in the UK.

BFBS Radio

BFBS Radio can be heard online via bfbs.com, on the BFBS mobile app and by FM or AM in certain areas.

You find a list of our radio frequencies here or click below to find a station!


Watch new blockbusters or your favourite movies with BFBS.


In more than 70 years, forces cinemas have entertained the military in peacetime and during deployments, from Borneo to Berlin, and Palestine to Salisbury Plain.

Today BFBS Cinemas continue the tradition, with a circuit of 12 static cinemas worldwide, a mobile ‘Movie Machine’, and the portable Cinelink system.


Need technical help?

For information more about BFBS services in your location, contact or our service desk in the UK on 0044 (0)203 750 4567 and [email protected].