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There are often BFBS TV and BFBS Radio services available on operations via our BFBS MiPlayer technology and cinema via our Cinelink devices. This will vary by location and date. 

With good internet connectivity you can stream TV on the BFBS TV Player app and radio on the BFBS Radio app from anywhere overseas.  

To allow full use of the services provided by BFBS on deployed operations, personnel may set their VPN to a PED green country other than the UK, in accordance with the PJHQ PED Policy.  Personnel who are required to use a VPN should regularly check the theatre specific guidance and technical information on the PJHQ PED portal. 

To find out about getting BFBS MiPlayer facilities in your location contact [email protected]

The latest movies are provided via Cinelink players in some locations contact [email protected] to find out more about getting Cinelink for your location. 

Need technical help?

For more information about BFBS services in your location, contact or our service desk in the UK on 0044 (0)203 750 4567 or email [email protected].