For information about access to BFBS TV here, speak to the G1 contact or please contact our UK helpdesk on 0044 (0)203 750 4567 or email [email protected]


BFBS Radio

In Kenya there is no FM service for BFBS Radio, but it can be heard online at and via the BFBS app.


BFBS Cinemas

The latest films are provided via the Cinelink Service in some locations, including BATUK.

Please get in touch with your local J1 contact to find out more or email [email protected]

Live event

Live events

Looking to put on a live show for some operational morale?

Planning a families’ day or Mess function?

BFBS Live Events (formerly CSE) have produced events in many military locations and can advise and deliver bespoke event and entertainment services for both serving military and the wider forces community where you are.