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Where I am

Falkland Islands

Location/Services Overview

BFBS keeps you connected and entertained in the Falklands with TV, radio and cinema.

Come and meet the BFBS Falkland Islands team in the offices and studios on Rockhopper road, MPC. Call and connect on (+500) 32179 and [email protected].

Services available

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At MPC BFBS TV is available via the BFBS MiPlayer on personal devices in SLA, and on TVs in SFA and communal areas. BFBS TV is also available in mountain sites via a set top box.

Listen to our BFBS radio stations around the world or in the UK.


At MPC, listen to BFBS Radio on 98.5 FM, BFBS Radio 2 on 93.8 FM and BFBS Gurkha Radio on 96.0 FM.

On mountain sites the frequencies are BFBS Radio, 102.4 FM BFBS Radio 2, 104.2 FM and BFBS Gurkha Radio, 106.0 FM.

Need technical help?

For more information about BFBS services in your location, contact our service desk in the UK on 0044 (0)203 750 4567 or email [email protected].

Add-on services

Looking to put on an event? Speak to our BFBS Events Team.

Live events

From small mess functions to large scale outdoor concerts, and everything else in-between, BFBS Live Events can turn your event vision into a reality.

With a huge array of talent and production solutions, to suit every budget, get in touch with us to find out more.