NSS12 Western Hemisphere

Orbital Position 57 degrees East

NSS12 footprint

Primary coverage area:

Africa, particularly...

  • Ascension Island
  • Kenya
  • Waters around the Horn of Africa

BFBS satellite reception parameters:

  • Band: C - band
  • Frequency: 3798 MHz
  • Polarisation: Right Hand Circular Polarisation
  • Symbol Rate: 19,167
  • FEC: 3/5
  • Modulation: DVB-S2
  • Satellite Dish: On land a 1.8m prime focus C-band satellite dish is recommended with a feedhorn to depolarise circularly polarised signals.

At sea, a 1.5m satellite dish will be sufficient for BFBS satellite TV reception.

TV and Radio Channels Available:

NSS12 channels 1

NSS12 channels 2

There are no delays on any of the TV channels.