Eutelsat 10A information

Orbital Position 10 degrees East

Eutelsat 10A coverage

Primary coverage area:

Western Europe and Middle East.

  • Northern Europe as far East as Moscow.
  • North African countries that have a Mediterranean coastline.
  • Gulf states, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq, Iran and Northern Saudi Arabia and Northern Oman.
  • Afghanistan

BFBS satellite reception parameters:

  • Band: Ku-Band
  • Frequency: 11,221 MHz
  • Polarisation: Vertical
  • Symbol Rate: 30,000
  • FEC: 3/5
  • Modulation: DVB-S2
  • Satellite Dish: On land a 1.1m Ku-band offset satellite dish with a universal LNB is recommended, although in some areas smaller dishes will be acceptable.

At sea 85cm satellite dishes will receive BFBS in the areas that these dishes are deployed.

TV and Radio Channels Available:

The delayed channels are delayed by 20 hours to give audiences in the Eastern times zones a one-day-later service. This provides a TV experience, in terms of program times, very similar to that experienced in the UK, but one day later.

E10A channel list

E10A channel list 2