ABS2 Satellite information

Orbital Position 75 degrees East

ABS 2 coverage

Primary coverage area:

This satellite service is primarily aimed at ships at sea, and provides oceanic coverage in Middle East and Far East

  • Provides coverage to Duqm, Oman (If in the Northern Arabian Gulf use Eutelsat 10A Ku Band Service).
  • Provides coverage in coastal waters in India Ocean and South East Asia.

BFBS satellite reception parameters:

  • Band: Ku-Band
  • Frequency: 12,726 MHz
  • Polarisation: Horizontal
  • Symbol Rate: 23,330
  • FEC: 1/2
  • Modulation: DVB-S2
  • Satellite Dish: 1.1m Ku-band satellite dish with a universal LNB.

TV and Radio Channels Available:

Currently the same as the services on NSS12 WH.

ABS 2 channels list

ABS 2 channels list 2

There are no TV services delayed on this satellite.

ABS2 Receiving BFBS Satellite Services

There are a number of different systems employed to delivery BFBS TV and Welfare services under the ABS2 satellite. It would be confusing to try and list all of the system instructions here. For more information please contact the Service Delivery Team.

BFBS Service Delivery Team: +44 203 750 4567 or [email protected]