NSS12 Eastern Hemisphere

NSS12 Eastern Hemisphere

Orbital Position 57 degrees East

NSS12 E footprint

Primary coverage area:

Far East,


  • Nepal
  • Diego Garcia
  • Brunei


BFBS satellite reception parameters:

Band:                    C - band

Frequency:         3776 MHz

Polarisation:       Left Hand Circular Polarisation

Symbol Rate:      11,670

FEC:                       3/5

Modulation:       DVB-S2

Satellite Dish:     Minimum of 2.4 m prime focus C-band satellite dish with a feedhorn to depolarise circularly polarised signals, although some areas will require a larger satellite dish.



TV and Radio Channels Available:

NSS12 W channels 1


NSS12 E channels 2

The delayed channels are delayed by 16 or 17 hours to give audiences in the Eastern times zones a one-day-later service. This provides a TV experience, in terms of program times, very similar to that experienced at home, but one day later.