15 August 10:00


Raucous medical comedy set in Victorian London about four pioneering friends and rivals fighting to make a mark on the world. Robert is a domineering, showman surgeon - a rockstar of his age - who’s almost as brilliant as he thinks he is. He can pack out an operating theatre and take off a leg in 92 seconds. But after a botched amputation, Robert’s put under pressure by the Royal Physican, Dr Hendrick. So John - a drug-addled dentist who’s trying to create the world’s first anaesthetic, convinces Robert to use potentially lethal ether in a prestigious and pioneering operation. Meanwhile, Caroline (Robert’s headstrong wife), finds herself frustrated with her lot as a housewife and seeks help from Robert’s friend, psychiatrist William. The lines are blurred when it becomes clear Caroline wants more than just psychiatry from William, and he finds himself torn between being a friend to Robert and a Doctor to Caroline…