19 July 8:00

The Sweet Makers

Four modern confectioners step back in time to discover what life was like for their Tudor predecessors. They explore how our national sweet tooth developed as the tables of the aristocracy boasted fantastic displays of sugar craft to show off their wealth and status. The sweet makers also explore the negative side of the introduction of sugar to the Tudor lifestyle, including the impact on teeth and fuelling our involvement in the slave trade. Guided by food historian Dr Annie Gray and social historian Emma Dabiri, our modern professionals enter the world of the 16th century - a time when sugar was believed to have medicinal qualities and was so valuable it was kept under lock and key. Our confectioners are chocolatier Paul A Young, wedding cake designer Cynthia Stroud, sweet consultant Andy Baxendale and chocolatier Diana Short. They spend four days using original recipes, ingredients and equipment to create dishes that haven't been made, let alone tasted, for hundreds of years.